Center for University-Industry Cooperation (FIEK)


BME FIEK provides services supporting innovation activities and making them more efficient among researchers and lecturers.



Deputy director:


Center for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation
Building Z, floor 9., room 906.
Phone.: 463-1721, 463-1723
Open: Mo-Th 8.00-16.00, Fr 8.00-13.00



The FIEK organization has the following main tasks:

  • the BRIDGE (BME Research, Innovation, and Development Gateway Entity) office’s team manages intellectual properties at the university; the BRIDGE team also encourage the development of university regulations in this field and operates the Innovation Council, furthermore they help the establishment of spin-off companies;
  • the Z10 accelerator, incubator and startup center of the university embraces student ideas and help them to find investment and develop their businesses;
  • the FIEK’s Horizon program encourages researchers and supports researchers in their successful participation in European research projects;
  • Marketing
  • BME-NOKIA 5G Lab: The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is cooperating with Nokia Solutions and Networks Kft and Vodafone Magyarország Zrt to create the university’s Smart Campus 5G experimental network, which provides 5G network coverage in several buildings of the university and the R&D laboratory
  • helps end educates SMEs digital transformation throughout the Industry 4.0 Technology Center;
  • the Zero Carbon Knowledge Center activities help to achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal set in Hungarian law;

Large FIEK Projects:

  • last but not least, FIEK manages large projects and connects faculty research groups with our project management services at the university

Head of the project management team: Mária Asztalosné Hódsági

FIEK Laboratories: