BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK)

Home page of the Faculty

Faculty Leadership:

Dean of the Faculty:


  • András Bethlendi (finance)
  • Mária Szalmáné Csete (international)
  • Emma Lógó (education)
  • Anikó Grad-Gyenge (scientific and innovation)

Supporting Units:

Dean's Office:
1111 Bp. Magyar Tudósok körútja 2. Q ép. A szárny 2. em. 203. (dean's office), mfsz. 18-20. (academic affairs)
Phone: 463-1907


Educational units:

Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

Head of Dept.: Károly Hercegfi

Department of Philosophy and History of Science

Head of Dept.: Mihály Héder

Department of Environmental Economics

Head of Dept.: Tamás Pálvölgyi

Department of Economics

Head of Dept.: Zsolt Gilányi

Department of Management and Business Economics

Head of Dept.: Tamás Koltai

Department of Technical Education

Head of Dept.: Péter Tóth

Department of Finance

Head of Dept.: András Nemeslaki

Department of Sociology and Communication

Head of Dept.: István Szakadát

Department of Business Law

Head of Dept.: Anikó Grad-Gyenge


Centre of Modern Languages

Director: Márta Fischer

Institute of Continuing Engineering Education

Director: Dénes Zarka

Centre of Physical Education

Director: Gábor Kincses

Doctoral Schools:

Doctoral School of Business and Management

Head of DS: Tamás Koltai