Civil Engineering BSc

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Study programme

Civil Engineering


Faculty of Civil Engineering

Further information

Study level





BSc in Civil Engineering

Short description of the study programme

The BSc engineering program in English leads to a BSc degree in four years, in the Branch of Structural Engineering. The branch offers specific educational objectives: Graduates from the Branch of Structural Engineering create engineering structures by utilizing and designing structural materials. They are expected to design, construct and organize the investments of mechanically, structurally and technologically complex structures in cooperation with architects and transport and hydraulics specialists. Future structural engineers who graduate from this branch will be able to design and construct, among other things, bridges and underground passages for traffic networks; power stations, cooling towers, craneways, transmission and telecommunication line structures; storehouses, industrial plants, and multi-storey buildings as well as hydraulic engineering and water supply structures.

Duration of studies (semesters)


Minimum requirements

- secondary school leaving certificate;
- language skills proven by TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent certificates

Required language level


Entrance Examination


Type of Entrance Examination (written/oral/both)


Place of Entrance Examination


Description of selection and entrance examination process

Admission procedure in general and general requirements: refer to admission regulations

- preevaluation of the submitted documents: quality of secondary school leaving certificate and/or transcript, motivation letter, recommendation letter (if available), extra-curricular activities
- electronic e-admission test (via internet): Mathematics, Physics (the test is in English)
Result: admission to BSc course / admission to Pre-Engineering course / admission rejected

Availability of Preparatory Year


Contact (regarding non scholarship holders' administrative issues)

Valéria BALOGH


Contact (regarding Stipendium Hungaricum administrative issues)



Contact (academic programme)

Dr. Tamás LOVAS

+36-1-463- 2223