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MSc in Mechanical Engineering Modelling

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The courses in the Mechanical Engineering Modeling MSc-program deal with those time-dependent problems of mechanical engineering, which typically require the efficient modeling of tasks in order to access the continuously developing methods of computational engineering. The tasks of mechanical engineers require the modeling of machines in motion and that of time-varying processes are based on solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and electronics. Modeling means the understanding and active application of the related theories, which are supported by differential equations and numerical methods in mathematics. Modeling needs also experimental work during the research-development-innovation process. Modeling is also affected by the engineers knowledge in design, technology, and informatics, since the model should not be so complex that the available software is unable to solve them within reasonable time and for reasonable cost.

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Minimum requirements

-diploma of BSc in Mechanical Engineering; quality of BSc transcript min 70%; succesful admission test; language skills proven by TOEFL (min points iBT 90 or 550), Cambridge First Certificate, or equivalent certificates

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Admission procedure in general and general requirements: refer to admission regulations at

Minimum criteria: diploma of BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Steps: - preevaluation of the submitted documents: quality of BSc diploma, quality of BSc transcript, obtained credits in the corresponding field - minimum requirement: quality of BSc transcript min 70% - electronic e-admission test (via internet): technical knowledge, evaluation of language skills (the test is in English), motivation, attitude, technical preparedness in the selected field - Dean's decision on admission result Result: admission to MSc programme /admission rejected

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Valéria BALOGH

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Dr. László Gergely VIGH
Directorate for Education

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