Forum on Emerging Markets at the University of Technology

The Society for the Study of Emerging Markets held its annual EuroConference in collaboration with the Department of Finance on 6-8 July, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.

Similarly to previous SSEM EuroConferences, this conference served as a forum for academics, practitioners, and central bank and government officials in Europe and all over the world to present and discuss research results about the evolution of international economy and of the global financial system. Emphasis was placed on the developments in the emerging market economies, on the fate of the recent trends and of the impact of these developments on international trade, finance and regulation as well as on national economies and financial systems. Theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented papers were also presented.

All papers presented at the Conference are considered for publication in special issues of or symposia in the two SSCI-indexed journals Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, and Eastern European Economics; as well as in Borsa Istanbul Review, Comparative Economic Studies, Periodica Polytechnica – Social and Management Sciences. 

It is our great honor that Budapest was chosen by the SSEM as the location of the 2014 Euroconference and that Department of Finance at Budapest University of Technology and Economics had the opportunity to become the local organizing institution.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to exchange views among people with extensive experience and intensive insights into economic analysis and policy making. Thus, we were particularly delighted to welcome representatives of seven different Central Banks from four continents.

We assigned a discussant for each paper presented at the conference so the authors can have valuable and useful feedback on their research and the sessions were places for fruitful discussions.


Photos: Borsos Mátyás