BME’s foreign students win at the University Sports Festival

More than 200 students from 50 countries competed in the Budapest event organized for the first time in November 2016.

"Let’s move together" was the motto of the University Sports Festival Budapest organized for the first time by Loránd Eötvös University, Erasmus Student Network ELTE, and the Budapest University Athletics Club. More than 200 students from 14 higher education institutions in Budapest moved together at the sports festival held at the sport complex of Loránd Eötvös University.

Following the huge success of the event with the participation of Budapest higher education institutions, the organizers plan to make USF Budapest a recurring affair. The main objective of the festival was to lend a sense of community to the foreign students studying in the Hungarian capital through sports activities, thereby creating a bond between students coming from all over the world, and studying at different universities.

Foreign students from more than 50 nations participated in the sports events, they gained access to the Budapest university sports scene, and they had the chance to try their hands at the most popular and trendiest sports in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  Another goal of the event was to make Hungary and Budapest an even more attractive choice for foreign students.

The participants could try team sports as well as individual sports such as aerobics, combat sports, pole fitness, functional training or stability workout. After counting the points of the institutions the team of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics won the first place, and became the champion of the first University Sports Festival Budapest.

The money raised from the entrance and registration fees was donated to the Budapest Zoo Foundation, and the winning team adopted Ikinya, one the zoo’s giraffes.

The students representing BME were Alessia Pulcini, Auboin Clément, Burak Yilmaz, Eduardo Sanz Martin, Erlend Thorsund, Fouad Abdelkarim, Hadir Mahmoud, Hasan Altıntaş, Irem Tosun, Jacques Krommenacker, Jan Wietelmann, João Olival, Justus Hagemann, Matteo Bellè, Mazen Jouni, Perry Kenku, Philipp Amer, Pol Bosch Mestras, Salah Hamza, Thomas Dhondt, Vegard Saga, Yunus Kompir, Gracia Dani.

The final scores in the competition:

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics – 1620 points
  2. Metropolitan University – 1540 points
  3. Loránd Eötvös University – 1409 points
  4. Budapest Corvinus University – 1377 points
  5. János Kodolányi College – 1350 points
  6. Gyula Andrássy Universität (Budapest) – 1072 points
  7. Central European University – 601 points
  8. University of Physical Education – 253 points
  9. University of Veterinary Medicine – 210 points
  10. Semmelweis University – 98 points


Photo source: BEAC