BME among best 800 universities on yet another global ranking

BME programmes rank high on ARWU’s list: its mathematics and mechanical engineering programmes are among top 300.

BME programmes rank high on ARWU’s recently released list: its programmes in mathematics and mechanical engineering have been ranked among the top 300. The Shanghai Ranking Consultancy of the Jiao Tong University has been presenting the world top universities referred to as the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – also known as the Shanghai List – since 2003. ARWU is released in August every year based on six objective indicators including the number of alumni, staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, as well as the number of highly cited researchers and the significance of their scientific work.

This year only three Hungarian universities have been put on the list: Lorand Eötvös University and Szeged University finished in the category between 501 and 600, while BME ranked between 701 and 800. BME had great results also on the ranking of universities based on subject fields (referred to as ARWU-Field): in the category of engineering, BME featured high in the field of mechanical engineering (201-300); in material science and engineering it ranked 301-400, as did in IT (computer science and engineering).

Another field in engineering (electrical and electronic engineering) also ranked high (401-500).

BME received good rankings in the field of natural sciences, too: mathematics was ranked 201-300, while chemistry finished in the range of 401-500. 

The first 18 places of the list are occupied by British and American universities, the top five positions in the ranking have remained unchanged for the past 13 years: (Harvard is first, followed by Standford, UC Berkley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cambridge with Harvard being in a top position since 2003. The next European university on the list is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), ranking 19th.

The full list of the ranking and other details are available at ARWU’s homepage.


Photo source: ARWU