Note to BME citizens on the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is spreading globally. Although there has not been any cases identified in Hungary so far, it is our joint responsibility to avoid and prevent an epidemic as much as possible.

The major risk currently is related to incoming people from the Far East and Southeast Asia. Thus the main risk group includes those who have visited the region especially the city and the surroundings of Wuhan in China in the recent weeks or share the same household with someone who has done so.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, the leaders of the BME has initiated the following actions:

- we have started to collect information on students and faculty members within the risk group
- we asked those who are returning from the affected regions to stay at home during the virus' incubation period
- in order to support this, the BME officially acknowledges the upcoming two weeks for involved students to stay away from classes
- to eliminate infection risks we are publishing information on the websites of the BME
- there are warning signs in public places all over the University
- restrooms are cleaned and checked with a higher frequency
- liquid soap dispensers are constantly checked and several of them are filled with disinfectant soap that is indicated with special stickers
- there is disinfectant liquid at frequently visited spots at the University
- in case of necessity we are ready to act immediately with the related professionals
- we call the attention of all citizens of the BME to follow instructions of hygiene such as frequent and thorough washing of hands and in case of any related symptoms visit the doctor
- we are also planning to create a platform for regular information update on the disease in connection with the BME

To prevent the infection is our common interest. Therefore we strongly ask all BME citizens to be aware of the followings:

- if you feel any infection related symptoms (ie. fever, dry cough, etc.), immediately visit your doctor or the South Pest Central Hospital (Egyesített Szent István és Szent László Kórház- Rendelőintézet; Dél-pesti Centrumkórház)
- at this time of the year there is currently a seasonal flu pandemic, meaning that the mentioned symptoms, most likely, are related to the flu; at the same time, the prevention of spreading of that disease is also important by visiting your doctor, avoiding going to the public and taking care of personal hygiene
- personal hygiene, such as thorough hand washing is also an important factor of preventing getting infected

In case of any related issues, international students should also contact the BME Directorate of Student Services (+36-1-463-3852, e-mail:

János Józsa, rector