BME is among the Top Five Universities in the “Brazilian Project”

On the top list of the “Science without Borders” programme for hosting Brazilian students both Hungary and the BME have received excellent ranking.

In the “Science without Borders” programme launched by the Brazilian government 55.657 Brazilian university students have spent one or more terms in higher education institutions abroad.

On the top list of hosting countries Hungary received very high ranking: it is the 7th in Europe and the 11th on the world list.

Regarding the hosting institutions BME is the 5th among all the universities of the world; the list according to the number of Brazilian students accepted is the following:

  1. University of Toronto                 897
  2. Universidade de Coimbra          846
  3. University of California /UCLA/  726
  4. Universidade de Porto               588
  5. Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem 538
  6. Monash University /Australia/    526
  7. University of Queensland          513
  8. California State University         433
  9. University of Strathclyde           372
  10. Politecnico di Milano                314

Altogether 1542 Brazilian students have come to Hungary and one third of them have chosen BME’s programmes.

On the list of institutions in Hungary BME is the first with 538 students hosted, the University of Debrecen is the second with 172 Brazilian students and the third is ELTE hosting 121 Brazilian students. The 4th place is for Szent István University (97 students) and the 5th is Óbuda University (87 students).

Some interesting details from the list is that more Brazilian students have chosen Hungary than the most popular Spanish (Universitat de Barcelona /194/), German (Technische Universität München /193/) and French (Institute Polytechnique de Grenoble /156) universities. We have also far better ranking than the first Dutch (University of Groningen /108/) and Austrian (Universität Wien /15/) universities.

Photo: János Philip