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PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science

Short description of the study programme

The Doctoral School of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a PhD training in all branches of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Theory. Our PhD students have the opportunity to participate in world-class mathematical research under the guidance of internationally renowned scientists. In recent years a significant portion of our PhD students won a post-doctoral research position in leading European and American universities. After graduation some of them are still teaching in leading European and American universities. The PhD program is 4 years long, with a complex midterm exam at the end of the second year. For further information on the program, morover the list of offered topics, see

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Minimum requirements

- MSc diploma in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Informatics or Economics;
- language skills proven by TOEFL (min 500 points), IELTS (min 5.0 points) or equivalent certificates

Required language level


Entrance Examination


Type of Entrance Examination (written/oral/both)


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Description of selection and entrance examination process

During the admission process, maximum 100 points can be achieved, partitioned into two major components:
- preevaluation of the submitted documents (max. 50 points): quality of MSc and BSc diploma and transcripts, with major emphasis on subjects in the field of Mathematics; maximum point can be obtained only if at least 120 ECTS credits are completed in the field of Mathematics  or Computer Science; extra points can be awarded for publications in field of Mathematics
- electronic interview (in English, via internet) (max. 50 points): evaluation of motivation, attitude, technical preparedness in the selected research field
Result: admission to PhD programme (minimum 70 points required) /admission rejected
Further details in the admission regulation.

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Contact (regarding non scholarship holders' administrative issues)

Valéria BALOGH


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Dr. Miklós HORVÁTH