CESAER Annual Meeting

2017. október 17. 08:00 és 2017. október 20. 16:00 között
Központi épület Díszterem
BME Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Igazgatósága (Rátkai-Füzesi Andrien)

CESAER (Conference of European Schools of Advanced Engineering Education and Research) stands for scientific excellence in engineering education and research, and the promotion of innovation through close cooperation with industry in order to ensure the application of cutting-edge knowledge in industry and society.

CESAER was established in 1990 and now has a membership of 51 institutions from 26 countries out of which BME is the only Hungarian member. CESAER members are committed to the following core values and guiding principles:

• High level research-based engineering education;

• Research at the front edge of knowledge;

• Close co-operation with the industry towards innovation;

• Continuous improvement in and integration of education, research and innovation in the knowledge triangle;

• Contribute to sustainable economic, societal and environmental development.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics was founded in 1782 and will thus be celebrating its 235th anniversary in 2017 which is a special occasion and an excellent opportunity for us to host the CESAER Annual Meetings (CAM) 2017.