Go global focus on water

2017. augusztus 09. 09:00 és 2017. augusztus 22. 22:00 között
BME Központi épület

Focus on Water – Hungary the Land of Waters

The ‘Focus on Water’ Summer School is a two-week program providing a great variety of interdisciplinary lectures, skills sessions, site visits, and social activities, focused on diverse topics and challenges related to water use, management and sustainability.

Daily lectures will cover subjects closely linked to water, such as sustainability and innovation, health, sport and environment, recreation and tourism, transportation and natural disaster management.

During the program, you will work in Water Focus Teams, in which they identify the essential role of water in the 21st century and create an action plan on how to develop a) Water Conscious Living b) New Brand: Hungary as a Land of Waters. The project works will be supported by site visits, street interviews, debates, and will result in poster presentations at a forum.

The course aims to grow global citizens - that identify themselves as responsible members of the world community - with deep understanding and broad perspective on global issues. Critical thinking and intercultural communication skills will be developed through collaborative work with Hungarian students.

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