2018. április 16. 09:00 és 17:30 között
EIT Digital Co-Location-Center, Bogdánfy u. 10a, Budapest, 1117 HUNGARY

ME TMIT & NVIDIA DLI Workshop: Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision hosted by EIT Digital


In this workshop course, you will learn the basics of deep learning by training and deploying neural networks. You will:

  • Implement common deep learning workflows such as Image Classification and Object Detection.
  • Experiment with data, training parameters, network structure, and other strategies to increase performance and capability.
  • Deploy your networks to start solving real-world problems.

On completion of this course, you will be able to start solving your own problems with deep learning.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the ingredients required to start a Deep Learning project.
  • Train a deep neural network to correctly classify images it has never seen before.
  • Deploy deep neural networks into applications.
  • Identify techniques for improving the performance of deep learning applications.
  • Assess the types of problems that are candidates for deep learning.
  • Modify neural networks to change their behavior.

Content level: Beginner

Pre-Requisites: Technical background and very basic understanding of deep learning concepts. Mathematical knowledge is not required. You will work on your own laptop – so it is a requirement that you bring one.

Pre-workshop instructions: Please register Eduroam WiFi network before the workshop. Websockets are required for the Notebooks to work. Go to websocketstest.com and verify the WebSockets (Port 80) has four green checkmarks. If Websockets do not work, try disabling the antivirus software. Please use a modern, up-to-date browser.

To reserve your seat, you MUST register with a valid university email address and follow the pre-workshop instructions.