Jacobi Triple product via the exclusion process

2019. január 10. 16:15
H épület, 306-os terem
Sztochasztika Tanszék
Előadó:  Márton Balázs (University of Bristol)
I will give a brief overview of very simple, hence maybe less investigated structures in interacting particle systems: reversible product blocking measures. These turn out to be more general than most people would think, in particular asymmetric simple exclusion and nearest-neighbour asymmetric zero range processes both enjoy them. But a careful look reveals that these two are really the same process. Exploitation of this fact gives rise to the Jacobi triple product formula - an identity previously known from number theory and combinatorics. I will show you the main steps of deriving it from pure probability this time, and I hope to surprise my audience as much as we got surprised when this identity first popped up in our notebooks.
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