Technology and Knowledge Transfer Office

The Technology and Knowledge Transfer Office of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was founded in 2009 in the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan with the support of the National Development Agency, in order to assess the University’s knowledge basis and intellectual capital, improve its innovation capacities and implement integrated innovative and industrial approaches in the educational programmes. The Office is gradually being developed according to the project plan and provides complex services; its mission is to contribute to promoting research and development activities and programmes and to creating a sound basis to utilize the intellectual products created in higher education.

The aim of improving the methodology of technology and knowledge transfer is to assess, register and evaluate the knowledge basis, intellectual results and products of the University, to raise the prestige of university researcher positions, to improve the competitiveness of education, to increase strategic partnership capacities in industrial research and development and to protect and utilize intellectual products. As a result the innovation performance of the University is expected to increase and new achievements will be used in practice with better efficiency.

The main function of the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Technology and Economics is to create a relevant service-portfolio to support utilization of the intellectual products, coordinate the management of intellectual property rights and their protection.

Development of methodology of the technology transfer runs parallel with the research university project. The two types of university functions and activities - improving research potential and management of intellectual products - will be integrated and will support each other in the future.