BME Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)

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Faculty Leadership:

Dean of the Faculty:


Supporting Units:

Dean's Office:
K.I.18. Phone: 463-3561
Open: Mo-Th 8:00-16:00, Fr 8:00-13:30
For students: Mo,Tu 12:30-15:30, We,Fr 8:30-11:30

Student Government

Educational units:

Institute of Physics

Director: Gergely Zaránd

Department of Atomic Physics

Head of Dept.: Pál Koppa

Department of Theoretical Physics

Head of Dept.: László Szunyogh

Department of Physics

Head of Dept.: András Halbritter

Department of Cognitive Science

Head of Dept.: Anna Babarczy

Institute of Mathematics

Director: Miklós Tibor Horváth

Department of Algebra and Geometry

Head of Dept.: Ákos G. Horváth

Department of Analysis and Operations Research

Head of Dept.: Edith Alice Kovács

Department of Stochastics

Head of Dept.: Károly Simon

Institute of Nuclear Techniques

Director: Szabolcs Czifrus

Department of Nuclear Techniques

Head of Dept.: Máté Szieberth

Department of Nuclear Energetics

Head of Dept.: Szabolcs Czifrus

Doctoral Schools:


Head of GS: Gábor Takács


Head of GS: Máté Matolcsi

Psychology (Cognitiv Science)

Head of GS: Ágnes Lukács