The Annual Scientific Students' Associations Conference

Annual Scientific Student Associations’ Conference at BME
The Annual Scientific Student Associations’ Conference (“Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia” - TDK) is organized at most of the Hungarian universities in every academic year, at BME in each November. With the help of experienced supervisors participating students write a roughly 20-page research paper and make a presentation in sections according to their field of profession. Their essays and presentations are evaluated, and the best ones receive valuable prizes and are nominated for the national competition held every second year. Papers and presentations can be made in Hungarian or in English.
What are the benefits of participating?
Writing a research paper for the Scientific Student Associations’ Conference provides students with the opportunity to dig deeper in a particular field of study and take a closer look at a particularly interesting professional question
Working together with a supervisor gives opportunity to build professional connections and learn from an authentic person of the given field. The paper may form the basis for a larger project such as a thesis;
Successful performance at the Conference can lead to opportunities for students and benefit their academic or professional career
After graduation, it is considered positively when applying for a job, Master or PhD program;
Participation helps develop academic skills such as academic writing and presentation skills;
Success at the faculty-level, and especially at the national-level conference may bring a great degree of moral and professional satisfaction, and in some cases even financial reward.
For more information you can contact the TDK representative of your Faculty, see the list below: