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BME in rankings

BME in national and international rankings

For many years, BME has been at the top of various national rankings, and it has also been on the regional and disciplinary maps of an increasing number of international rankings, where it has been ranked higher from time to time.

These rankings provide an opportunity to draw parallels between BME, other universities in Hungary and the world's most prestigious institutions, according to certain criteria and methodologies.


About international rankings in general

The largest international services mainly produce world rankings, but they are also increasingly creating more specific (regional or disciplinary) lists.

In international assessments, BME is in the 200-800th places, which is usually in the top 2-6 % of the world, so BME definitely belongs to the world elite.

BME's place in the most prestigious international rankings

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)

  • Independent ranking since 2009 (previously published jointly with the British weekly THE)
  • ranking based on: Scopus database data on publications
  • also publishes disciplinary and regional rankings
  • In 2023, creators of the new European (regional) ranking evaluated universities of the 42 member states of the Council of Europe, with BME ranked 238th. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has ranked the top 690 universities in 42 countries, 15 from Hungary, with BME being the second best.


The indicators taken into account for the new European ranking are:

Research: Academic Reputation (30%), Citations per Paper (10%), Papers per Faculty (5%)

Employability: Employer Reputation (15%), Employment Outcomes (5%)

Education: Faculty Student Ratio (5%)

Global engagement: International Research Network (10%), International Faculty Ratio (5%), International Students Ratio (5%), Outbound Exchange Students (2.5%), Inbound Exchange Students (2.5%)

Sustainability: Sustainability indicator based on QS Sustainability Rankings 2023 (Sustainability, 5%)


Academic Ranking of World Universitiest (ARWU)

  • Also known as the "Shanghai List"
  • created by: Chiao Tung University (August) 
  • taken into account in the ranking: Number of Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners 


Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

  • ranking based on publication data and quality of education (based on students' job prospects)



  • annual international ranking of MSc and MBA programmes
  • ranking based on: 30 areas of training, courses offered by institutions in 154 countries


Leiden Ranking

  • created by: Centrum voor Wetenschap en Technologische Studies (CWTS)
  • the ranking is based on: Bibliographic data from Web of Science
  • As of 2014, 750 institutions worldwide are now ranked


National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU)

  • predecessor: Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) (until 2010)



SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)

  • created by: SCImago Research Group
  • rankings are based on an informed assessment not only of higher education institutions but also of research sites


Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE)

  • created by the British weekly THE (joint with Quacquarelli Symonds - QS rankings until 2009)
  • ranking based on: Thomson Reuters publication data until 2015, from 2015 the Elsevier Scopus database


U-Multirank (UMR)

  • initiated by: European Commission, from 2014
  • rankings are based on non-traditional linear ranking; determines the competitiveness of institutions in relation to different coefficients


University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

  • created by: Middle East Technical University, since 2009
  • rankings are based on world, disciplinary and regional rankings
  • URAP Field Bas Ranking from 2014, more detailed breakdown of areas of science


Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

  • rankings are based on presence on the Internet, impact and visibility of higher education institutions
  • twice a year: January, July
 institutional ranking201920202021202220232024
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU, Shanghai)801-900.801-900.801-900.901-1000.901-1000.m.a.
- Mechanical Engineering (Engineering)201-300.201-300.201-300.201-300.301-400.m.a.
- Civil Engineering (Engineering)201-300.m.a.
- Chemical Engineering (Engineering)401-500.m.a.
- Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Engineering)401-500.m.a.
- Mathematics (Natural Sciences)301-400.401-500.301-400.201-300.201-300.m.a.
- Chemistry (Natural Sciences)401-500.m.a.m.a.
- Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medical Sciences)401-500.m.a.m.a.
Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)862.898.887.931.947.m.a.
EEduniversal: by Field | Eastern Europe 
- Corporate Finance19. 19.18.m.a.m.a.
- Industrial and Operations Management7. 7.6.m.a.m.a.
- Marketing15. 14.14.m.a.m.a.
- MBA full time10. 10.11.m.a.m.a.
Eduniversal: by Field | Global Ranking 
- Sustainable Development and Environmental Management50. 46.43.m.a.m.a.
LLeiden Ranking758.784.763.757.767.m.a.
- Biomedical & health sciences890.1056.1090.1151.1187.m.a.
- Life and earth scinences1017.1009.1059.m.a.
- Mathematics & computer science374.370.369.357.361.m.a.
- Physical sciences & engineering399.412.392.373.379.m.a.
National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU): by Subject 
- Mechanical Engineering292.
- Chemistry451-500.451-500m.a.
- Computer Science401-450.401-450.451-500m.a.
- Electrical Engineering451-500.451-500.m.a.
- Mathematics 451-500.401-450.451-500.m.a.
QS World University Rankings (QS)801-1000.801-1000.801-1000.801.-1000.801-1000.741-750.
QS University Rankings: by Subject
Broad subject area:
- Arts and Humanities
- Architecture and Built Environment151-200.151-200.201-240.
QS University Rankings: by Subject
Broad subject area:
- Engineering and Technology
- Chemicaln.a.301-350.301-350.301-350.301-350.301-350.
- Civil & Structuraln.a.151-200.151-200.151-200.201-230.151-200.
- Computer Science and Information Systems401-450.301-350.301-350.301-350.301-350.251-300.
- Engineering - Electrical & Electronic451-500.251-300.301-350.251-300.251-300.201-250.
- Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing351-400.201-250.201-250.151-200.151-200.151-200.
QS University Rankings: by Subject
Broad subject area:
- Natural Sciences
- Chemistry351-400.351-400.351-400.351-400.351-400.351-400.
- Environmental Sciences501-520.
- Materials Sciences351-400.351-400.351-400.301-350.301-350.351-400.
- Mathematics351-400.351-400.301-350.251-300.251-300.
- Physics & Astronomy451-500.401-450.401-450.351-400.351-400.301-350.
QS University Rankings: by Subject
Broad subject area:
- Social Sciences and Management
- Business and Management Studies501-550.501-550.551-600.
QS World University Rankings:Europen.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.238.
QS World University Rankings: Eastern Europen.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.10.
QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA)
QS World University Rankings: Sustainabilityn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.341-360.485.
QS Graduate Employability Rankings301-500.n.a.301-500.n.a.n.a.
Round University Ranking863.m.a.
SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)591.638.636.561.m.a.m.a.
Times Higher Education (THE)801-1000.1001+1001+1201+1201-1500.1201-1500.
World University Rankings by Subject:
- Physical Sciences
- Social Sciences501-600.401-500.501-600.601+601-800.601-800.
- Business and Economics601+801+801+
- Engineering and Technology601-800.601-800.601-800.601-800.801-1000.601-800.
- Computer Science601-800.601-800.601-800.
- Art & Humanities501+601+601+
THE - Emerging Economies University Rankings (2017-ig BRICS & Emerging Economies)251-300.251-300.351-400.451-500.n.a.n.a.
University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) - World Ranking800.785.846.892.927.m.a.
URAP Field Based Ranking 
- Mathematical Sciences440.433.444.455.467.m.a.
- Physical Sciences545.546.558.576.558.m.a.
- Chemical Sciences456.496.616.655.680.m.a.
- Chemical Engineering485.487.528.528.m.a.
- Information and Computing Sciences520.544.564.600.606.m.a.
- Engineering532.522.492.425.451.m.a.
- Technology653.675.697.736.709.m.a.
- Civil Engineering384.365.362.368.362.m.a.
- Materials Engineering457.448.545.554.m.a.
- Mechanical Engineering452.437.447.498.480.m.a.
- Electrical & Electronics Engineering528.511.526.572.541.m.a.
- Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering143.
U.S. News & World Report's Best Global Universities Rankings894.944.1020.1091.1151.m.a.
- Chemistry474.482.523.530.543.m.a.
- Engineering449.498.500.462.436.m.a.
- Physics552.525.560.583.594.m.a.
- Computer Science491.489.487.m.a.
- Electrical and Electronic Engineering462.498.m.a.
Regional Rank: Europe367.379.402.423.434.m.a.
WWebometrics Ranking of World Universitiesn.a.585638.669.676.m.a.

Table 1. BME in most respected institutional rankings (2019-)

On national rankings in general

HVG ranking

  • published: In the HVG Diploma special issue (November)
  • rankings are based on number of student and faculty talents, by faculty

On national rankings in general

 Institutional ranking20172018201920202021202220232024
HVG Diploma7.
-- Students performance2.
-- Faculty staff performance18.
Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)
-- Students performance39.
-- Faculty staff performance1.
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK)
-- Students performance9.
-- Faculty staff performance52.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK)
-- Students performance2.
-- Faculty staff performance58.
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (GPK)
-- Students performance5.
-- Faculty staff performance59.
Faculty of Civil Engineering (ÉMK)
-- Students performance42.
-- Faculty staff performance27.
Faculty of Architecture (ÉPK)
-- Students performance22.
-- Faculty staff performance70.
Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK)
-- Students performance12.
-- Faculty staff performance81.
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering (KJK)
-- Students performance30.
-- Faculty staff performance117.
- Business education (GTK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance3.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Computer sciences and informatics education (VIK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance1.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (VBK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance2.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (ÉMK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance6.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (GPK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance1.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (VIK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance3.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (ÉPK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance4.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (GTK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance9.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.9.16.13.n.d.13.n.d.n.d.
- Engineering education (KJK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance4.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Engineering education (TTK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performancen.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.6.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
- Natural sciences education (TTK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performance2.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.
- Social sciences education (GTK)n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.
-- Students performancen.d.
-- Faculty staff performancen.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.


Table 2. BME in the HVG Diploma edition, in the Heti Válasz and Figyelő institutional rankings (2017-)

Institutional data for rankers (in English)