Learning Cities and Culture Working Together

2018. szeptember 20. 10:00 és 18:00 között
House of Civic Communities (7624 Pécs, Szent István Square 17.)

Planned strands:

  • The impacts of heritage, values and culture in learning cities and regions
  • Smart and learning cities, technological innovations and system developments
  • Learning cities to promote intergenerational collaborations in communities

During the Conference, distinguished policy makers, researchers, academic staff together with practitioners will use their keynotes and presentations to analyse essential aspects and trends of individual, collective or organisational learning within cities and regions referring to structures, methodologies and practices.

Keynote speakers and the topics they will focus on:

Arne Carlsen - Learning City and City of Culture

Mike Osborne - Are Smart Cities Learning?

Katarina Popovic -  Learning cities between the global goals and community practices

Raul Valdes-Cotera -  Equitable and inclusive Learning Cities

Séamus Ó Tuama -  Learning Neighbourhoods: generating sustainable, flourishing, inclusive, learning environments in Cork Learning City

Georige Zarifis: Learning active participatory citizenship in Thessaloniki: implications and impact of mainstream and support educational activities for socially vulnerable young adults 

In case you decide to participate our conference, may we ask you to send us your registration form and abstract by 30. August, 2018.

Conference partners: MELLearN, Learning Cities Network, PASCAL Int. Observatory, the Pécs Learning City Festival, Educators’ Centre Association  (EFOP-3.7.3-16-2017-00256 - Széchenyi 2020 Programme)