Kutatónők Nemzetközi Napja

2022. február 11. 11:30 és 13:30 között
Online esemény
Rektori Kabinet

EELISA roundtableWomen who make science happen’



The roundtable will be moderated by Dr. Maria Rentetzi, Professor for Science, Technology, and Gender Studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), and Sofia d’Aguiar, EELISA Executive Director.


We will complete the information with the panellist and more details in the coming days. Here the save-the-date, registrations are open! 



Objective of the roundtable: This round table will give insight into the realities, opportunities, and challenges faced by women who are part of the structure -and inner workings- of institutions that are making an impact in the science field. From women in leading positions to prominent researcher-teachers, to students and librarians. In this conversation, they will share experiences and exchange points of views. Questions to put on the table: Why did they choose a career in science? Why did they choose engineering? What is the situation at their HEIs/department? Do they see and feel still great imbalances regarding the number of women and men at their institutions? Are there differences between administration and research staff?