Preparatory programme for BSc programmes at BME

BME’s Pre-engineering Programme is designed as a preparatory training programme for BME’s English language bachelor’s and single-cycle (OTM) programmes. It also incorporates  the  former "Civil Engineering Preparatory Year" programme of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the "General Course in Architecture (Preparatory Programme)" of the Faculty of Architecture, starting from the academic year 2023/24.

Study programme

Pre-engineering Programme


Preparatory programme for the following BSc and single-cycle (OTM) programmes:

BSc in Chemical Engineering
BSc in Civil Engineering
BSc in Computer Science Engineering
BSc in Electrical Engineering
BSc in Mathematics
BSc in Mechanical Engineering
BSc in Physicist Engineering
one-tier/single cycle/OTM in Architecture

The programme is coordinated by the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Study level

Preparatory programme






Autumn term / Spring term

Duration of studies (semesters)


Short description of the study programme

BME’s two-term Pre-engineering Programme provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue your studies at BME’s English-language bachelor's programmes.   


The general objectives of the Pre-engineering Programme include the strengthening of your basic knowledge in mathematics and physics; improving your English language competences; development of certain professional skills necessary for the chosen bachelor’s or master's programmes; intercultural integration activities to support your integration.  


Minimum requirements

  • high school diploma;
  • document of English language proficiency

Required language level

B1 level can be proven by:

- one of the following certificates:

IELTS min. 4.0

Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET) min. 140

TOEFL iBT min. 42

Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) min. ISE I

TOEIC Listening and Reading* min. 275

TOEIC Speaking and Writing* min. 120

Pearson Academic (PTE) min. 23


- a Medium of Instruction Certificate


- a successful English skills entrance exam in BME’s E-admission system 

Entrance Examination


Type of Entrance Examination (written/oral/both)

There is no entrance exam.

Place of Entrance Examination

There is no entrance exam.

Description of selection and entrance examination process

General admission procedure and requirements: see admission regulations at

Steps: pre-evaluation of the submitted documents: quality of high school diploma and/or transcript, extracurricular activities

Result: admission to the Pre-engineering Programme / rejection

Contact (regarding administrative issues)

Mrs. Renáta Daru-Dudás

Department of International Academic Affairs

Contact (academic programme)

Dr. Zsolt Papp

course director


*Please note that the preparatory programme consists of two terms from September to May.

The programme for applicants in the spring intake also ends in May, regardless of the lower number of terms completed. For entering a BSc programme, all students must meet the admission criteria at the end of the spring term.