The Senate of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (henceforth BME) has issued the following regulations as a supplement to the Organisational Structural and Working Order of BME; taking into consideration the relevant statutes, particularly national law CCIV/2011 on higher education, modified several times (henceforth Nftv) as well as government decree 87/2015. (IV.9) about the enacting clause of Nftv. and government decree 387/2012 (XII.19.) (about the procedures for establishing a doctoral school and the conditions of obtaining a doctorate), and with the agreement of the University Student’s Union (henceforth EHK).

Code of studies and exams of BME


Tempus Public Foundation (hereunder: Public Foundation) has issued the following regulations according to the authorisation by the Government Decree 285/2013 (26.07) on Stipendium Hungaricum (hereunder: Gov. Decree SH), in order to implement the Stipendium Hungaricum programme (hereunder: SH programme). The objective of the regulation is to define the operation of the programme and the rules indispensable to the operation of the programme. Based on the provisions of 3§ of the Governmental Decree No. 282/2017 (IX.22) the rules and regulations are approved by the Minister of Education.

Operational Regulations of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme