Young engineers committed to water management meet at BME

IWA Eastern European Young Professionals Conference hosted by BME’s Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science (Faculty of Technology and Biotechnology, VBK)

“Water management has a multitude of aspects, and the topic lends itself to the investigation of both theoretical and practical issues. Research conducted in this field involves experts of several other disciplines that join forces to facilitate innovation. Make sure you use this conference to establish friendly and professional relations that you will be able to rely on in European projects later on”, János Józsa, Rector of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics said at the International Water Association (IWA) conference organised for young professionals of Eastern Europe. In his speech, the rector highlighted that this subject has played a major role in BME’s scientific research activities for the past 235 years of the university’s history.

“Uniting Europe for Clean Water: Cross-Border Cooperation of Old, New and Candidate Countries of EU, for identifying problems, finding causes and solutions” – reads the subtitle of the event. At the conference, participants addressed a broad range of issues including drinking water, wastewater, surface- and groundwater – and these topics were discussed from scientific and technological aspects and also explored from the point of view of sustainable water management.

Young experts and researchers (not older than 35) were expected to submit a paper as speakers, while other participants could apply irrespective of their age. The organisers on behalf of IWA set a low participation fee to give an opportunity for young researchers from poorer countries as well to attend the conference. Submissions arrived not only from Europe, but also from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The next meeting of young professionals will take place in Zagreb next year.

The major goal of the International Water Association (IWA) is to serve as an example and to function as a knowledge centre for professional communities and external organisations in issues such as sustainable urban water management or the development of water supply. IWA organises conferences and issues publications to support the work of those active in the field of water management and, with the help of its extensive membership, it provides a platform for sharing experience and best practices.


Photo: János Philip, Ildikó Takács