Qualitatively reliable numerical models of time-dependent problems

2017. September 21. 10:15 to 12:00
Building H room 306
Department of Differential Equations

Lecturer: Faragó István (BME Diferenciálegyenletek tsz., ELTE)


In the modeling process we construct mathematical and numerical models. Both models should preserve the basic (physically, biologically, etc. motivated) qualitative properties of the original phenomena. In this talk this problem will be discussed. We examine the different qualitative properties (maximum principles, non-negativity preservation, maximum norm contractivity) for both models and we show the relation between them for the linear problems. For the numerical models we give the condition for the construction of the mesh under which the above qualitative properties are valid. The results will be demonstrated in different real-life problems. The main attention will be focused to the heat conduction problem. Briefly we discuss the compartmental epidemic models which take into the account the space dependence, and also some simple discrete Lotka-Volterra models.

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