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132 students from 41 countries attended the English-language graduation ceremony

2023. 02. 20.

On February 17, 2023, the graduates received their diplomas at a festive event held in the hall of the BME Q Building.

At the event, 132 students from 41 countries received their diplomas, the highest numbers from China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Pakistan, and Brazil, but there were also university graduates from India, Egypt, and Nigeria. Family members of many also participated in the event, therefore the Simonyi Hall was filled with celebrants.

"All of you, Graduates, have every reason to be proud of your achievements and your graduation from BME, one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe", Emília Csiszár, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of BME, greeted the young recipients of the university degrees. "As engineers, economists and managers who graduated at the BME, you can be sure that the knowledge and skills that you have acquired will give you an excellent foundation for your future professional career." Roland Jakab, regional director of Ericsson, and the president of the Circle of Supporters and Friends of the University (MTBK) welcomed the graduates on behalf of the BME alumni organization and highlighted: „Let me assure you that this is a diploma you can be very proud of. In the past years, you were given a solid fundamental knowledge and as they say, a castle only can only be built on solid fundaments. I’m certain that as you move through your careers, BME’s education will serve you well.” Roland Jakab added that it is important to maintain friendships and keep in touch with the university. He pointed out that this is also the mission of the MTBK, to unite the students and launch initiatives that support the institution based on the knowledge and network obtained by the alumni members of BME.

Levente Nagy, on behalf of the Students’ Union (EHK), also highlighted the strength of the university's community. Mik Liner Miranda Lauschner, graduating student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, addressed the celebrants and guests on behalf of his fellow graduates.

Members of the Presidency arriving to the tune of Gaudeamus Igitur: Emília Csiszár, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Roland Jakab, regional director of Ericsson, and the president of the Circle of Supporters and Friends of the University (MTBK), Zoltán Ákos Németh, Director of the Directorate of Student Services (BME HSZI) representing the Chancellery,  Szabolcs Rózsa, Dean (BME Faculty of Civil Engineering), Csaba Hős, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Ágnes Gyetvai Balogh, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Architecture), Zoltán Hell, Course Director (BME Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Eszter Gerhátné Udvary, Associate Professor (BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics), Ádám Török, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering), István Prok, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Natural Sciences), Mária Szalmáné Csete, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences), and Levente Nagy, member of the University's Students’ Union (EHK).

Eszter Mozsár, the Rector's Office's colleague hosted the ceremony.




Rector’s Cabinet Communications Directorate

Photo: B. Geberle