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Student administration

Central Academic Office (KTH)

The main task of KTH is the academic administration of students enrolled in bachelor, master’s and single-cycle programmes.

In compliance with the necessary and relevant laws and regulations, the KTH:

  • manages the personal data of applicants, students and graduates, 
  • records admission and academic results,
  • prepares and sends the certificates issued by the university to the applicant,
  • provides data to university departments and other organisations authorised by law,
  • assists in the administration of student compensation and benefits,
  • contributes to the educational and control activities related to the academic administration of the University,
  • registers all the diplomas awarded by the university.

KTH carries out its work on the basis of the laws, regulations and rules of procedure in force, and does not make decisions, but only implements them.

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Dean's offices for educational matters


The dean's offices of each faculty are responsible for the curricula, the programme of subjects, their requirements, the announcement of subjects and the preparation of the timetable. The dean, the vice dean or the Faculty Study Committee decides on student applications submitted to the KTH, and eventually KTH notifies the student of this decision.

Contact details of the Dean’s offices of each faculty:

In addition, the KTH subpage also provides the most important information on training programmes, recommended curricula and timetables by faculty.

Under the menu KTH Study administration important information can be found on the most important topics related to study administration: enrolment before the first term, using the Neptun study and financial system, general information about the timetable of the academic year.

Directorate of Sales and Services (Chancellery) (BME ÉSZI)

BME ÉSZI mainly deals with life coaching, career counselling, student benefits and matters related to student public life.