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The direct predecessor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is the Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum, founded in 1782, which was the first institute in Europe to train engineers in university structure. The university’s fundamental task is to train professionals in the disciplines of technology, information technology, natural sciences, economics, business and management. 

BME’s mission, inseparable from training and education, is to conduct scientific research which encompasses the three activities required to make up the innovation chain: fundamental and applied research, technological product and service development, and the application of research findings.

Faculties at BME and the year of their foundation:

• Faculty of Civil Engineering (ÉMK) 1782,
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (GPK) 1871,
• Faculty of Architecture (ÉPK) 1873,
• Faculty of Chemical Technology and Bio technology (VBK) 1873,
• Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK) 1949,
• Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering (KJK) 1951,
• Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK) 1998,
• Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK) 1998

Facts and figures about BME

Every year we publish our Facts and Figures publication. It reports on the University's activities in the fields of training, research and development, innovation, joint projects with industrial partners, scientific endeavours, international relations and talent management, in terms of figures, statistics and time series. Our excellence is proven by years of objective metrics, tangible results and factual data.

We recommend our publication to those interested in training programmes offered by BME, as well as to current students who would like to spend a term as scholarship holders at one of our partner institutions abroad. In the hope of closer cooperation in the future, we also recommend this compilation to our existing and prospective partners, decision-makers, the economic community and academia. 

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