The Technical University attracts an increased number of foreign students

While some 300 foreign students graduated from the University in July, its international community will grow by up to 800 new students in the new academic year.

The ceremonial opening of the academic year was held on 26 September 2022 for the university’s international students. Vice-Rector for International Affairs Emília Koczkáné Csiszár extended the following welcome to the nearly 800 new students: “A unique advantage and exceptional strength of our university is that it offers a first-  class education not only in engineering and IT, but also in natural sciences, economics, and social sciences. Thanks to the variety of training, we provide the society with professionals having a broader understanding of different disciplines and complex problem-solving skills.

Since 1984, our university continuously offers education in English. Each of the 8  faculties of the university at each level offers education to foreign students in a total of 6 undergraduate and 17 graduate, as well as in 13 doctoral programmes. Various scholarships facilitate the studies of international students, out of which the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program is the most significant.

The honorary guest of the ceremony, former rector János Józsa extended the freshmen a very personal greeting. “Make friends! Present your national culture and be proud of that. You should be the ambassador of your country and nation while here in Hungary, then having graduated, the ambassadors of Hungary in your home country, and anywhere else in your life. Don’t forget, the degree you can obtain here is worldwide known and recognised, to which you  can safely anchor your future life,” he advised the new students.

Anna Bíró, international coordinator of the Department of International Relations of the Rector's Office recited the oath of the new students. Mia Lakic, first-year student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics addressed the audience on behalf of the freshmen. “BME has opened a new chapter for me. This journey is the greatest challenge in my life so far that I have to grow up to, and I believe it is no different for many of you. I wish you courage and persistence, and allow me to congratulate you on your decision to turn over a new leaf in Hungary as BME students,” she encouraged her fellow students.

Levente Nagy, member of the Student Union of the University welcomed the freshmen on behalf of the older students. “When I started my studies, I was happy to become the citizen of such a renowned academic institution, whose rich history goes back to the 18th century. The years spent here have made me countless experiences and special friends richer,” Levente Nagy said as he recalled the first years of his studies. He added that the first year students can greatly benefit from the university’s well-organized network of international mentors, which, apart from their mandatory and administrative tasks, also throw social events for the students.

Following the speeches, Emília Koczkáné Csiszár, Vice-Rector for International Affairs declared the academic year open for the international students.

In line with the traditions, the ceremony was concluded with Hungary’s national anthem.


Rector's Office, Communication Unit-KJ

Photo: B. Geberle