Budapest, is the perfect city for students

Malika Sagynayeva came from the Kazakh city of Oskemen, which is more than 5,500 km from the BME.

We asked her how she feels in Budapest, at the BME, whether he would recommend studying here to other Kazakh students.


Which course and year are you studying?

I'm from Kazakhstan, and a city called Oskemen, it's in the eastern part. It's close to the borders with Russia and China. It's my third year. I'm studying architecture, engineering, integrated masters like OTM, so five years program.


What is your experience of how safe a city Budapest is?

I think Budapest is quite safe, except some districts on the outskirts of the city.  But otherwise, I think it's really, for me, I feel comfortable and safe here.


How good is the campus location? What means of transport do you use to get to university?

I really like campus because it's just next to the Danube River and the view from here is really beautiful. The area is quite clean, and also easily accessible by public transportation.

Mostly, I use metro, because I live in a nice district between Nagyvárad square and Semmelweis Cliniks, so first I take M3, then change to M4 to get here.


Are you satisfied with public transport?

I'm in love with Budapest public transportation. I think it's one of the best in Europe. And it's quick, it's convenient, clean, also everything is always on time, so I really love it.


Do you cycle around the city? Do you cycle to campus if you are satisfied with the amount of bike storage?

Actually, I cycle only in the Margaret Island, mostly, because I'm a bit afraid to cycle around the city. Cycle lines are really close to car roads, and even in some places these bicycle roads, they overlap with car roads, so I'm kind of a bit afraid. But I think if there would be more stations next to our university, and also if the roads, like bicycle roads, would be a bit safer, then I would probably come here by bicycle, like the majority of the time.


How do you like campus garden?

It's peaceful and beautiful here just after Some stress from university you just go there what kind of I will I don't know, and you just go outside and just relax and I don't know sitting on the grass Yeah, having a picnic. I think it's beautiful.


How hard was it to get used to Budapest?

At first you feel a bit lost, as I think everyone does in a new environment, in a new city, but Budapest is not too big and not too small. I think it's the perfect city, especially for students. I think it's a very comfortable and very cosy city. I think you will already start after few weeks understanding every road, every single public transportation, they are convenient, and then everything will be easy.


Why would you advise Kazakh students to study at the BME?

Yeah, as I mentioned before, Hungary, I think, especially Budapest, is the perfect city for students. And if you want to your life to begin in Europe, I think it's like a perfect start here, because life here is quite more affordable than in other countries. And people are friendly. As I told, the city, the public transportation, everything is perfect. I've been in other European countries, and cities, and think, it's the best place. I think BME, it's really a good technical university. If you want to become a really nice engineer, then it would be a nice choice, yeah. But you should study hard here, yeah.