BME students won an international competition of the SAP

Ádám Boros and András Kéri, students of BME VIK have won the UNICEF and the SAP joint competition.

The participants had to be designed a visual solution, which can be considered to be better donors, and it can receive targeted collection. The competition was open, 800 European, Middle Eastern and African educational institutions were invited, all members of the academic program software, SAP University Alliances. The final three teams was from Hungary, Great Britain and Slovenia. The Hungarian team from BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering anf Informatics eventually convinced the jury with their answers easy to understand, their effectiveness visual dashboards and their presentation. The winners have become richer of several awards, including an iPad, a Spanish travel and the vast experience of finals. The students also were invited to a joint UNICEF work.

The international competition organized by SAP the second time focusing on analytical, presentation, information technology, foreign language skills and business mindset. The students received 100,000 individual donors' datas and business intelligence tools at their disposal, and had to find solution to the problem of humanitarian organization.

(Fotó: SAP AG)