We are pleased to inform our readers that the BME website has been renewed.

This renewal was driven by two goals. First, we would like to provide modern and youthful appearance according to the new age requirements. On the other hand, we try to provide dynamically updated news about the everyday life and scientific results of our University, and enrich our image with news monitoring. Our aims are to provide broader insights into our University for present and former University citizens, and for international and Hungarian visitors; further to present our scientific results to more and more people; furthermore to enhance the deserved positive reputation of our university by our openness.

Information about our University, the history, and the education, research and student life-related information are available in the top menu of the new website. The upcoming events are shown in the right column next to the news. The bottom of the site contains the most commonly used menu items that useful for regular visitors.

Another novelty is that the official Facebook page of BME has been launched in parallel with the new website. Our aims are to bring together the BME community and give space to the University’s community related news, comments and events. The news on our new website are shown on the Facebook page as well so if you join to our community you will be notified automatically on your Facebook wall. Please share our Facebook page with your friends so they can also join to us, furthermore if you study or work here please set the official BME Facebook page as studying place or as employer. We welcome all kind of contents on our Facebook page that satisfy our policy and help to build our community.

Our news can be followed not only on Facebook but on Twitter and RSS reader as well. Please subscribe to our Twitter channel or RSS feeds if you prefer to read news on these forms.

Of course our website, Facebook page, Twitter channel and RSS feeds are available in Hungarian as well.

We hope these improvements will earn your approval and you will be regular visitor of our website and you become active member of our Facebook community. We know that the development does not end here so we are still working on the renewal of the other websites of the University. In the meantime, if you have any technical comments about the website, please contact our Webmaster, or if you have any question about the content please send an e-mail to our main e-mail address or share your thoughts with us on Facebook.