Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award Call for Entry 2013

Annual prize awarded by The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary for outstandingly innovative solutions, papers and projects in response to the most pressing issues of our planet.

The Gran Prize awarded in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, design, medicine, health preservation and development and education.

The SCCH has taken into consideration that persons, students and student groups with members under the age of 30 might not yet have official publications which can be nominated by the professional associations invited to participate in the nomination process and on the judging panel of the Gran Prize. Having taken this into account and in accord with the professionals and associations participating in the judging panel of the Gran Prize, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hereby announces an open call to entry to the Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award, with the following conditions: entries will be judged with the participation with the persons appointed by the professional associations serving on the judging panel of the Gran Prize.

About the background and aims of the Gran Prize Interdisciplinary Innovative Award you can find further information in the attached file.

Deadline for entries: March 31, 2013

Entry requirements:
- Professional resume
- Exact description of the entry and it’s beneficial, in particular innovative aspects
- Maximum length : 10 pages, not including attachments
- Auxiliary documentation of the entry, relevant for the judging of the entry

Please submit a printed copy and a CD ROM for all entries. Submit in person or by post in a sealed envelope marked “Gran Prize 2013”. The CD-ROM may contain the following file formats: Word, Excel, pdf and jpeg.

Submit all entries to: Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (1121 Budapest,Ágnes út 21. A.)
Further information:
Tel: : +36 309/708/433