“The structure of the human brain has an almost ideal network of connections”

A recent article from the researchers of the Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has been the centre of attention of the international scientific world.

András Gulyás, József Bíró, Attila Kőrösi and Gábor Rétvári, professors of BME VIK and Dmitrij Krjukov, physicist of the Northeastern University published their article on navigable networks in the prestigious Nature Communications journal.

The publication titled  Navigable networks as Nash equilibria of navigation games has been posted by various international scientific portals highlighting the research results on the structural networks of the brain and the possible consequences and implications of the findings.


According to Altmetric, which is measuring the online attention surrounding scientific papers, the study is in the most popular 1%: it is among the top 1000 from 150.000 current scientific articles.