The Hungarian invention that helps improve football skills can be tested in the yard of the University of Technology.

"Teqball is not a rival to football, it is rather a useful complement to it.Those who play Teqball might become better football players, too", Viktor Huszár, President of BME’s Futsal Club, and the technological brainsbehind the football based sports equipmentsaid at the event where Teqball’s new global ambassador, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho was introduced.

Teqball, which has also been available at BME’s Sports Days for playing, looks like a curved table for table tennis at first glance. Table tennis, however, is played with a 2-gram ball while football is played with a 400-450-gram one, so the table has to bear a 200 times greater load than an ordinary table tennis table. The developers did scores of empirical tests during the three-year series of measurements: they examined everything from the average heights of future players through the curve of the table to the static aspects in order to create the optimal device.

Teqball is availabe for testing at BME throughout the year, between buildings AE and D.

As this picture attests the Teqball table can be used for playing table tennis as well as football

Viktor Huszár managed to recruit the world champion Brazilian football star, Ronaldinho to endorse the sports device. He was asked to become Teqball’s global ambassador because "he had already played Teqball in the field when it wasn’t even invented yet", as they said at the event.

The Brazilian football ace with the present of BME FC. Click here for footage showing the delivery of the present

"The world champion Brazilian is considered to be one of the most skillful players out there, whose playfulness, cheerful disposition, and virtuoso football tricks everyone can relate to", told the inventor to adding that he tried to get hold of Ronaldinho for two years but things only picked up speed in the last few weeks. As it turned out the 36-year-old player lent his name to Teqball because he believes in technical football playing, which the invention promotes, and the use of Teqball resembles football tennis (or futnet), a very popular sport in Brazil. The star firmly believes that schools should also be provided with this easy-to-use sports equipment.


"This is a childhood dream come true", emphasized Gábor Borsányi, who was the creative mind behind Teqball."Teqball aims at creating value by sport: we are aware and believe that we can do anything we set our minds to, and the sky is the limit."Gábor Borsányi said he hoped the game would become an olympic sport in 20 or 30 years’ time.

"I trust that the outstanding reputation of this Hungarian invention may help to spread Hungary’s commitment to the development of sports throughout the world", stressed Tünde Szabó, Secretary of State for Sports at the Ministry of Human Capacities, adding that the equipment is useful for the purposes of elite sport, recreational sport, and a health-conscious lifestyle.

Picture taken on BME’s Sports Day

"I encourage the young and the elderly alike to test the table", proposed Tibor Nyilasi, who attended the event on behalf of the Hungarian Football Federation. The former footballer that had played on the national team 70 times sent a message to children saying that they may acquire the technical skills necessary to become excellent players by using the table. "As I always said a good football player strokes the ball not kicks it, and that is exactly what Teqball teaches you", he added.

At the presentation Balázs Fürjes, head of the Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid was presented with a Teqball table decorated with the logo of the Hungarian bid made specially for the Olympic Park by the Teqball team.