Application period for admission of fee-paying students has been launched

Fee-paying foreign students have opportunity to take part in degree programs in the BME. The application period takes from 1st of October to 1st of December.

If you would like to study at BME, here is the chance to apply! The application period for fee-paying students has started on 1st October. Students can apply for two months, until 1st December. Before the applicant fills the online application form, he/she has to get a line on the available academic programs,  the admission requirements  and the tuition fees.

For the application, there are several supporting documents, which the applicant has to upload to the online system. After getting all necessary information and collecting the supporting documents, students can start the application.

Applicants applying to BME programs are required to complete an electronic e-admission exam or placement test. Sample and practice tests for a successful application are available on BME’s website.

Any further information is available on this website.

The applicant can also get in touch with Mrs. Valéria Balogh for further information via e-mail:

Bulletin 2020-2021