Information on the Fall Semester at BME

Education in the Fall Semester of the academic year 2021/22 will begin in a form of in-person education work order.

Those who are unable to enter Hungary and appreciable circumstance hinders the participation in in-person education will be provided with education in the form of asynchronous distance education work order. All the details related to the organization of education and dormitory placement can be found in the attached file.

Further information on entering Hungary, vaccination, protection justification and requesting distance education work order will be provided in a further information letter under preparation.


Important information related to the organization of education and dormitory placement

  1. Dormitory housing
  1. In line with the consultation with the ministry, certain universities in Budapest, including BME, participate in the successful organization of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) by providing dormitory accommodation. Pilgrims and organizers will be housed in university dormitories.
  2. IEC will take place between 5-12 September 2021, thus providing the dormitory to IEC covers this period as well as the few days before and after due to the handover, emptying, cleaning and preparation of the dormitories.
  3. BME provides accommodation for approximately 2.000 IEC participants, affecting all BME dormitories except for Kármán Tódor and Schönherz dormitories.
  4. In the Kármán Tódor and Schönherz dormitories, the University primarily accommodates freshmen students; the remaining places can be taken by students already living in the dormitories.
  5. After the closure of the IEC, the dormitories temporarily transferred to the IEC participants will be reopened for moving in (relocation and move-in) by those who have won dormitory places in the usual application procedure. Moving will be possible no earlier than September 12, unless the dormitory is returned to the University earlier. The move-in and relocation are expected to close by September 19th.
  6. Due to the fact that the dormitory students will only be placed in the final dormitory place after September 12, only the absolutely necessary equipment and tools shall be brought to the dormitory with them when moving in at the beginning of the semester.


  1. Organization of education
  1. Based on the decision of the sectoral decision maker, the semester begins in in-person education form in its entirety, covering all study activities; the courses shall be announced accordingly. The possibility of registering to courses belonging to hybrid or distance education work order should be excluded in the study administration system.
  2. Until the beginning of the subject and course registration period (25.08.2021 19:00 CEST), the adjustment required in point 1 shall be completed by the faculties.
  3. As exceptions from point 1, certain special study activities (e.g. the assessment of first-year students) may be held in distance education work order.
  4. Subject to Section I, for senior students who are unable to move into dormitories in September (less than 10% of all students), the education – especially the study activities requiring personal attendance – shall be organized by the faculties in a way that the quality of the provided education services approach the level of the study activities in the in-person education format (students should be provided with the material of study activities in asynchronous form, they should be provided with materials to support independent learning, study activities requiring personal attendance [e.g. labor activities] shall be rescheduled for a later date starting in October, etc.).


  1. Special provisions for foreign students and their education
  1. Foreign student can enter the territory of Hungary if
    1. protected against coronavirus and can prove this in a manner specified by law;
    2. who certifies that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detectable in his/her body at the time of the investigation with a valid molecular biological test – SARS-CoV-2 PCR test – complying with the legal health regulations, and which is not older than 72 hours; or
    3. on the basis of an equity request, the police authority granted entry (if the applicant proves that the purpose of entry is to fulfill an obligation to study or examination under a legal student status, if this is evidenced by a certificate issued by the educational institution).
  2. Vaccination is also recommended for foreign students, therefore the University provides special information for foreign students.
  3. Foreign students participate in education in the form of in-person education work order.
  4. If a foreign student is unable to participate in the form of in-person education work order, he or she shall be provided with education in the form of asynchronous distance education work order, subject to the provisions of Section 80 (2a) Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education.