38 Professors from BME among the World's Best Researchers

Stanford University and Elsevier has published its ranking based on indicators on the references to the leading researchers’ publications.

Among the Hungarian higher education institutions – tied with Semmelweis University – the Budapest University of Technology and Economics provides the most researchers on the list containing more than 186.000 people. 38 of the 331 Hungarian professionals listed have been classified by the authors of the international ranking to BME, 38 to Semmelweis University, 32 researchers to the University of Szeged, 29 to ELTE, 20 to the University of Pécs, and 17 to the University of Debrecen.

Researchers of BME on the ranking
1. Varga, József †
2. Rozvany, George †
3. Stépán, Gábor
4. Petz, Dénes †
5. Nyulászi, László
6. Insperger, Tamas
7. Csonka, Gábor I.
8. Simon, Vilmos
9. Czigany, Tibor
10.Székely, Vladimír †
11. Kállay, Mihály
12. Buttyán, Levente
13. Molnár, Lajos
14. Gyurcsányi, Róbert E.
15. Pungor, Ernő †
16. Keglevich, György
17. Pritz, Tamás
18. Tóth, Géza
19. Varró, Dániel
20. Hargittai, Istvan
21. Hargittai, Magdolna
22. Zaránd, Gergely
23. Bagi, Katalin
24. Harsányi, Gabor
25. Török, Ákos
26. Kollár, László P.
27. Szekrényes, András
28. Györfi, László
29. Marosi, György
30. Rencz, Márta
31. Horvai, György
32. Kiss, Rita Mária
33. Orbulov, Imre Norbert
34. Kollár, István †
35. Ádány, Sándor
36. Poppe, András
37. Imre, Sándor
38. Palkovics, László

The list covers twenty disciplines, out of which seventeen include Hungarian institutions, and BME researchers are listed in eight of the disciplinary categories.

The number of researchers from BME by disciplinary categories:

Engineering: 14

Chemistry: 10

Physics & Astronomy: 5

Information & Communication Technologies: 4

Mathematics & Statistics: 2

Built Environment & Design: 1

Clinical Medicine: 1

Enabling & Strategic Technologies: 1


A selection of countries and the number of their researchers on the list:

Hungary: 331

Croatia: 60

Serbia: 69

Slovakia: 70

Bulgaria: 73

Ukraine: 86

Romania: 133

Slovenia: 147

Czech Republic: 428

Turkey: 828

Russia: 847

Poland: 957

New Zealand: 974

Norway: 1152

Austria: 1162

Finland: 1217

Denmark: 1808

Israel: 1869

Sweden: 2889

Switzerland: 2974


A selection of prestigious foreign universities and the number of their researchers on the list:

Harvard University: 1714

Stanford University: 1303

MIT: 781

ETH Zürich: 448

Universität Wien: 155


Technical universities from the Region and the number of their researchers on the list:

TU Wien: 121

Warsaw University of Technology: 49

Czech Technical University in Prague: 19

University Politehnica of Bucharest: 10

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava: 8

The authors used the Scopus database for data collection. The openly downloadable data tables contain two slightly different rankings.

The first list is based on citations received over twenty-five years (January 1, 1996 to December 31, 2020) and indicators derived from them of the articles published after 1960. Six indicators were used for the global ranking: the total reference, the Hirsch index, the Schreiber index modified by co-authorship, the number of citations received for the single, and first author, and single and first or last author articles. The study examined twenty disciplines to categorize researchers. The characteristic distributions of each category were given with and without self-references. The authors emphasized that self-references and reference networks (citation farms) can also distort the evaluation based on references. They also consider it worthwhile to examine the relationship between the number of citations and the number of referring articles. The too-high ratio may indicate citation farms.

The second ranking differs from the first because it only considers references received in one year (2020) to the same articles.


The editors of the ranking found 6.880.389 researchers in 2019 who published at least five articles according to the database.

The number of the examined researchers for this year's ranking has not been published yet, but no significant differences from the previous data are expected.

The ranking contains the data of more than 186.000 researchers who are enlisted by the country of their last workplace.


BME Department of Research and Innovation – Rector’s Office Communication Unit