Nearly 300 students from 49 countries received their diplomas at the BME graduation ceremony

On July 20, 2022, the graduates received their diplomas at a festive event held in the hall of the BME Central Building

Several ambassadors representing the sending countries of the graduating students graced the university's festive event with their presence, which was also broadcast online.

At the event, 292 students received their diplomas, including 65 who obtained their certificates with honours. Graduating students arrived at BME from 49 countries, the highest numbers are from China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Pakistan, and Brazil, but there were also university graduates from India, Poland, and Turkey.

"I look at you with pride as I see the students of an international university. The leadership of BME is committed to further increasing the share of students participating in the English-language programs. Currently, 14% of our students are enrolled in one of our English-language programs. Our objective is to increase this number to 18% by 2024. Therefore, I ask our graduating students to act as ambassadors of our university: to spread the good reputation of our institution", Emília Csiszár, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of BME, greeted the young recipients of the university degrees.

Salem Nehme, Associate Professor of the Department of Construction Materials and Technologies of the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering (BME ÉMK), addressed the graduates as the alumni guest of honour at the festive event. Salem Nehme graduated from the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering and has taught at the faculty since obtaining his diploma. His career is an excellent example of how an international student with a Hungarian university degree can build a successful teaching and research career in Hungary.

"I arrived in Hungary 37 years ago, and from the first moment, I felt that I was in my country and never felt like a foreigner. I received my degree in civil engineering 30 years ago in the same hall where we are celebrating you now. After receiving my diploma, I continued my studies as a doctoral student and then started working as a research assistant in my department, which I am the head of now. Over these three decades, I have realized most of my dreams, and now I am helping my students to realize theirs" the head of the BME ÉMK department looked back on the successes achieved in his alma mater.

"We are happy that you became permanent members of the BME community for good! The university community members look out for each other, work together on innovations, and take responsibility for solving social challenges. This is why BME is a real community which we are all proud of." stressed László Gergely Vigh, head of the Department for International Academic Affairs.

Bendegúz Papp, on behalf of the Students’ Union (EHK), also highlighted the strength of the university's community. "You have worked hard, demonstrated that you can do innovative research, you can work tirelessly, and at the end, you earned degrees from BME, the leading technical university of Hungary. The room is packed with your friends and relatives, and every person here is and should be proud of you for your accomplishments and for the goals that you have reached."

Sophia Ariadne Thomas, a student at the BME Faculty of Architecture, addressed the celebrants and guests on behalf of her fellow graduates: "Ultimately, knowledge is the only thing that cannot be taken away from us. And thanks to the BME, we have invaluable knowledge. It is now our responsibility to go out into the world and use all the academic and life skills we have gained to the best of our ability and leave our mark with empathy, consciousness, and pride for our alma mater."

Members of the Presidency arriving to the tune of Gaudeamus Igitur:: Emília Csiszár, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Zoltán Ákos Németh, Director of the Directorate of Student Services (BME HSZI) representing the Chancellery, Nehme Salem, Head of Department (BME Faculty of Civil Engineering), Nauzika Kovács, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Civil Engineering), Gábor Györke, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Ágnes Gyetvai Balogh, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Architecture), Zoltán Hell, Course Director (BME Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Hassan Charaf, Dean (BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics), Ferenc Mészáros, Vice Dean (BME Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering), Miklós Horváth, Director (BME Faculty of Natural Sciences), Mária Szalmáné Csete, Vice-Dean (BME Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences), László Gergely Vigh, Head of the Department of Academic Affairs for Education in Foreign Languages, and Bendegúz Papp, representative of the University's Students’ Union (EHK).

Eszter Mozsár, the Rector's Office's colleague hosted the ceremony.



Rector's Office Communication Unit

Photo: B. Geberle