The Rectors and the Chancellors joint announcement and information about energy saving

Saving energy is our joint responsibility and energy-conscious behaviour is a concern for us all. We are counting on the cooperation of all university citizens to help us deal with the energy crisis. 

We published a joint announcement on 25 August 2022 to promote an environmental and energy efficient operation at the University. Since then some fundamental changes in the external environment have taken place, seriously impacting the University as well. The Ministry of Culture and Innovation has required the University to prepare an energy saving action plan, in which investment and work organisation interventions leading to significant energy savings must contribute to the same at institutional level as well.

Any suggestions or ideas to reduce energy consumption are welcome. In the coming weeks, we will use the data at hand to identify the concrete actions that will least hamper day-to-day education and R&D&I activities, and we will keep you informed.

The Rector and the Chancellor have addressed university citizens in a joint announcement.