BME researchers on the cover of the world’s most powerful popular scientific journal

Quanta Magazine reviews the world’s best 50 scientific journals and selects one out of the best materials to publish after editing. 

 The articles are prepared for months, using several interviews with the researchers involved and also hearing the views of independent experts on the subject. An independent editor and all the involved participants review the raw articles once the journalist has drafted them, however none of the involved parties may see the final draft before publication.

The paper by the BME researchers published on 11 April 2023 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) may offer a breakthrough in the development of intelligent materials. The leading author of the paper, Krisztina Regős is a first year doctoral student of the BME Department of Morphology and Geometrical Modelling. In addition to researchers from the University of Basel and the University of Bern, Gábor Domokos, leader of the ELKH-BME Research Group of Morphodynamics of Solids, research professor of the BME Department of Morphology and Geometrical Modelling and one of the inventors of the Gömböc and Professor Konstantin S. Novoselov, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for his research on graphene, have also contributed to the publication.

The paper of the BME researchers has been reviewed in Quanta Magazine and published on 21 June 2023, appearing as the leader on the front page of the magazine for 24 hours.