The largest network focused on engineering education in Europe now has a president from BME

Balázs Vince Nagy, an instructor at BME’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been elected as president of SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education.

With a membership of over 100 European universities of technology, SEFI, which is 50 years old this year, is the largest network of institutions of engineering education in Europe, whose mission is to contribute to the development and improvement of engineering education and to strengthen the image of engineering education and engineering education professionals in society.

SEFI’s annual conference, held in Dublin in September 2023, was attended by nearly 600 professionals. It included the society’s general meeting where Balázs Vince Nagy, BME’s former vice-rector for international affairs and SEFI’s vice-president for the last three years, was elected as the society’s president for the next two years.

‘As interest toward SEFI is growing, the efficient involvement of engineer teachers and education researchers in our diverse activities must be a top priority. In particular, we must focus on facilitating SEFI to be equally active all over Europe including by organising regional meetings. The first of such events is the organisation of two SEFI sections at the EELISA Conference in Bucharest where SEFI and the invited experts present the most recent advances in engineering education,’ said Balázs Vince Nagy in describing the tasks to be completed.



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