BME is among the best in three world rankings

The largest publisher of rankings has now released all complex global rankings in higher education. Of universities in Hungary, BME is among the best in all three rankings.

BME is the only Hungarian university which is equally included in the international higher education rankings, ARWU, QS and THE and could not only maintain its position in the world rankings published in 2023 compared to previous years but moved up 100 places in QS.


Colour codes:

Green: moved up from last year or was included in the rankings

Red: moved down from last year

White: maintained rank

Grey: not ranked among the best or removed from the rankings

* Not included in QS as it specialises in one discipline.


Higher education rankings use a variety of methodologies.

ARWU considers six indicators, which are the percentage of alumni or staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals (10 % and 20 % respectively), the publication performance of staff (20 %), the percentage of papers published in Nature and Science (20 %) the number of highly cited researchers (20 %), the per capita academic performance of an institution, which is calculated based on the first five indicators (10 %).

QS determines the rank by considering academic reputation (30 %), employer reputation (15 %), citations per faculty (20 %), faculty student ratio (10 %), international faculty ratio (5 %), international students ratio (5 %), international research network (5 %), employment outcomes (5%) and its sustainability indicator (5 %), which is based on the QS Sustainability Rankings and was first published last year.

The THE rankings use five indicators including teaching (29.5 %), research environment (29 %), research quality (30 %), international outlook (7.5 %) and industry (4 %).



Rector’s Cabinet Communications Directorate-LC