Baross Residence Hall’s ceremony hall featured in an Oscar nominee

Some scenes of the Oscar-nominated film “Poor Things” by Yorgos Lanthimos was filmed at the Gábor Baross Residence Hall of BME.

The diverse locations of the campus are also popular among cinematographic professionals. Also shot in Hungary, “Poor Things” won the 77th BAFTA Film Award in the Best Production Design (set) category on 18 February 2024. The film’s set decorator was Zsuzsa Mihalek. Nominated for the Best Achievement in Production Design of the 96th Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Oscars, to be held on March 10, the film features the Ceremony Hall of the Gábor Baross Residence Hall of BME as the ball room in the Lisbon scene.“After weeks of preparations, the three-day shooting took place in the fall of 2021. The pre-production team did a fantastic job in the Ceremony Hall, even though the original function of the building presented a challenge as the crew had to keep in mind that students live, study and relax there. Thus, they could not drill, carve or hammer at any time. During the filming, Emma Stone, the leading actress also visited the residence hall. Thanks to the careful pre-production work, the film crew left behind a renovated and freshly painted Ceremonial Hall to the community of the residence hall,” said Anikó Gondolovics-Tarró, staff member of the Directorate of Sales and Services of the BME Chancellery.


BME locations in films

The BME campus is home to approximately 10-15 film shootings per year in almost every genre including exam films, commercials, series and feature films.  Shooting times can range from only 3-4 hours even up to 3-4 weeks in certain cases. The BME campus is very popular from a cinematographic point of view with its many different locations and architectural styles.

Major productions recently filmed at BME:

Our Blossom 

Erasing Frank 

Gemini Man

Tell Me Who I Am

Halfway Home

The Brutalist


FBI series

It will be revealed at the 96th Academy Awards ceremony to be held on March 10 whether after the BAFTA Award the production designer team of Poor Things (Shona HeathJames Price and Zsuzsa Mihalek) also wins the Oscar statuette thus making BME a scene of an Oscar-winning movie.


Directorate of Sales and Services of the BME Chancellery - KJ