The Third International Week Welcomed BME Students with a Diverse Program

The International Week took place for the third time this spring.

Once again, within the framework of the International Week, an exciting series of events unfolded, organized by our university's International Mentor Team (IMT) and the Directorate of Sales and Services (ÉSZI), with the support of the National Union of Student in Hungary (HÖOK). The main aim of the events was to represent the cultural diversity of international students at BME while also providing an opportunity for international students to showcase their national treasures and become more familiar with Hungarian traditions.

On Tuesday, participants gathered in the Main Hall of Vásárhelyi Pál Dormitory, where Ákos Németh, the director of ÉSZI, delivered the opening speech. The speech was followed by a group singing session, which also provided an opportunity to learn Hungarian; English translations were provided for the lyrics of Hungarian folk songs. The singing audience was introduced to Gypsy folk music and culture, as well as the technique of throat singing, which indeed came as a special surprise even to Hungarian participants as well. After the singing session, thanks to the BME Folk Dance Ensemble (MENTE), attendees could learn various Hungarian folk dances (such as Csángó andGimesi), exchange partners, and participate in traditional circle dances. The dances were introduced gradually, with participants gaining confidence in their steps as the event progressed.


On Wednesday, students enjoyed a cheerful wine-tasting event organized jointly with the Chemical Engineering Faculty's Wine and Cheese Club (VBK BSK). The event provided an interactive insight into the world of Tokaj’s white wines, with each drink accompanied by a special introduction. The interactive nature of the event was enhanced by quiz questions directed at the wine tasters, allowing them to evaluate the characteristics of the wines they were tasting. Alongside cheese platters, organizers also provided various snacks. The event's highlight was a raffle, where lucky winners faced a challenge: they had to guess which of the wines poured into their glass matched the one they had previously tasted. If they guessed correctly, they received a bottle of wine as a reward. The event garnered great interest from both Hungarian and international students.


On Friday, a Carnival Party kicked off in the Main Hall of Vásárhelyi Pál Dormitory, entertaining the attendees until early Saturday morning to unwind from the week's excitement. Following carnival traditions, students were encouraged to dress in costume; those who appeared at the entrance in costume received a coupon, which they could exchange for a complimentary shot or soft drink. Live music made the evening memorable: The CFC - Creative Fun Creation band ensured a fantastic atmosphere. Following their performance, a DJ entertained the audience on the dance floor. The Palibácsi Club supported the event.

On Sunday, organizers invited students to participate in group sports activities at the BME Sports Center. Squash and football awaited those eager to play sports, and volleyball and table tennis tournaments were held. 8 teams participated in the volleyball tournament, and 32 players applied to the table tennis tournament. The table tennis tournament followed a single-elimination format, bringing participants closer to the podium with each round. The top 3 players and the top three teams were awarded medals and prizes, and each participant received a certificate of participation. The winners of the table tennis tournament were Bence Lentulai (1st place), Ahmer Waleed (2nd place), and Husam Kareem (3rd place). In the volleyball tournament, the following teams placed: The Team (1st place), KRB (2nd place), and WinD Win (3rd place).

Nearly 700 guests participated in various programs during this semester’s International Week. The international mentor team continues to see this event series as an opportunity for international students to build connections among themselves and with Hungarian students at our university. They hope that those who participated in these programs could take home the unity we represent here at BME and return to their student lives enriched with new friends and experiences.



photo: Attila Baumann, Kinga Perjés, Péter Svélecz