BME Students Win Environmental Innovation Award

The world’s first spray deodorant refill solution by the BME-based startup Respray has won a prestigious award.

On 26 March 2024, the 2023 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix was awarded in the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament, along with 7 other innovation prizes, including the professional award for environmental development.

Headed by the Minister of Culture and Innovation, a panel of scientists and renowned business experts selected the top innovation achievements based primarily on their economic results and social benefits. Outstanding achievements that generated a total of more than HUF 33.8 billion in surplus revenue last year and delivering outstanding social benefits and outstanding performance on a global scale were honoured at this year’s awards ceremony.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Energy, the 2023 Environmental Innovation Award was granted to Respray Solutions Kft. for the world’s first spray deodorant refill solution. The award was presented to the young people by Anikó Raisz, State Secretary for Public Administration at the Ministry of Justice.

The innovation project originally started at the BME: one of the founders is Andor Réti, a mechanical engineering student at BME’S Bachelor’s Programme, who founded the startup together with his high school friend Gergely Zámbó, and the business is now hosted by the BME Z10 incubator house.


Respray Solutions Kft. is the first company in the world to develop and market a spray deodorant refill solution. The young people have been committed to environment protection and sustainability from the start, and their development aims to reduce the amount of hazardous waste from aluminium deodorant bottles. Their solution to this problem is a rechargeable, zero-emission propellant technology. The duo’s design combines innovative valve and nozzle technology with a proprietary, easy-to-use and user-friendly refill station. Currently they offer the world’s most sustainable spray deodorant. Their equipment and aluminium, alcohol and paraben-free design was first introduced to the commercial market in Hungary in January 2023. With their three vending machines, they have now reached a turnover of HUF 5.5 million and are among the top 10 best-selling deodorant products.

A total of 57 entries were submitted for the 32nd Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix, of which the jury recognised 55 innovations as successful achievements implemented in 2023. These innovative developments have generated significant additional revenues (more than a third of which come from exports) for the implementing companies. The savings, the price reduction effect and the reduction in environmental impact have generated an additional HUF 11 billion in social benefits.

The winners and 44 other entries recognised as innovations are published on the website of the Hungarian Association for Innovation.

On the occasion of Respray's Hungarian debut, interviewed the two founders, which can be found at the link below.

The full list of the winners of the 32nd Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix programme and their descriptions are found at the website of the Hungarian Association for Innovation.





Photo: Respray Solutions