Rector's welcome

Welcome to the official website of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The university was founded in 1782 (under the name Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum) and it has been regarded as Hungary’s number one technical higher education institution for nearly 240 years.

BME is the institution that defined the history of the 20th century in 1956, and which has been offering outstanding professional knowledge and extraordinary technical solutions to respond to various challenges. BME continues to be Hungary's leading educational institution; its operation and high-standard of academic achievement greatly contribute to the country’s present and future economic performance through the engineers, scientists and economic experts that graduate from the university and work for the country’s leading businesses.

At the university’s 8 faculties and 76 departments, there are as many as 1,200 lecturers teaching 5,000 subjects and 10,000 courses each semester. Professionals graduating from BME have a strong theoretical and scientific background and, equipped with relevant economic and domain-based competences, they also have the capacity to apply holistic approaches in understanding various processes. BME is also unique in its quest to offer a synergy between various faculties and help future managers, economic and social science specialists preparing for their careers in a wholly cooperative environment. BME's menu of training programmes is constantly expanding, partly by relying on the needs signalled by the market and the industries, and also by keeping abreast of the latest trends in technology.

Being Hungary's number one institution providing training in the fields of technology, natural science, and economics is also justified by its prestigious position in the Hungarian higher education rankings, the average score of those admitted to the university, the number of applicants holding language exams, and the number of teachers with a PhD.

BME has proved to be the most popular first-choice university in Hungary for those wishing to pursue their studies in the discipline of technology. Our bachelor programmes are accessible to applicants with extra-high scores, and it is BME that can admit the largest number of students for master’s courses in cross-semester application periods.

With its regular high-ranking positions (between 200 and 800) BME is among the top universities (2-6%) globally. BME’s programmes provide opportunities for Hungarian students to study at foreign universities or go abroad to work and, in turn, BME’s foreign language programmes attract an increasing number of students from across the world. Students arriving from foreign countries, totalling nearly 2,300 this year, represent over 12% of BME’s enrolment, and the graduates of 2020 were from over 30 countries. We work in partnership with over 70 international institutions providing part-time studies or double degree programmes. Our membership in EELISA enhances the competitiveness of the entire Hungarian higher education sector. In this cooperation scheme, we are currently collaborating with nine leading universities in seven countries to introduce a joint European Engineering Degree.

For 240 years, our mission has been to be a leader in the training of experts in the field of technology, economics, and natural sciences. By building on the results we have achieved so far, we must concert our efforts and continue to work so as to preserve what we have attained and progress even further. 


Tibor Czigány