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PhD in Business and Management

Short description of the study programme

The aim of the Doctoral School of Business and Management is to provide Ph.D. studies for students specializing in engineering management, management sciences and business economics. In their studies they concentrate on recognizing, formulating, modelling the economic, technical and social aspects of different production, service and public activities.
The Ph.D. program accepts students with a master degree from all domains of business and management master programs, such as Marketing, Management and Leadership, Finance, Accounting, Regional and Environmental Economics, International Economics and Business and Business Administration (MBA). Applicants holding a master degree in other areas (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, and different areas of engineering) can also be accepted after the special consideration of the management of the Doctoral School.

Duration of studies (semesters)


Minimum requirements

MSc in Business Management, Management Science, Engineering Management, Business Economics; (preferably with quality of 'merit' or 'distinction'); other MSc can be accepted after detailed transcript evaluation (quality and eligibility); 
successful admission exam;
language skills proven by TOEFL (iBt min 88 points), IELTS (min 6.5 points);
initial scientific achievements

Required language level

B2 - - TOEFL (iBt min 88 points), IELTS (min 6.5 points)

Entrance Examination


Type of Entrance Examination (written/oral/both)


Place of Entrance Examination


Description of selection and entrance examination process

As a first step of this process, the provided materials will be checked by our faculty to see if they meet the requirements. The relevant supervisors will thoroughly evaluate the materials. 

After that the applicants have to take an on-line entrance examination, consisting of two parts. Firstly, an entry assignment will have to be completed and submitted in writing electronically, which needs to be reviewed before the second part of the entrance exam. Secondly, an interview will be conducted on-line: the interview inspects the applicant’s motivation and aptitude for research. At the interview, the Committee examines the proficiency of the Applicant in the research field, the feasibility of the research plan, and the commitment of the Applicant to the research.
The Admission Committee evaluates the performance of the Applicants on a scale from 0 to 100, which score serves as a basis for ranking:
- qualification of degree certificate /0-25 points /
- language skills / 0-15 points /
- professional skills / 0-30 points /
- scientific activity / 0-30 points /
Students have to reach minimum 60 points to be considered for admission.
For available research topics, please visit:
Official database of the Doctoral Schools of Hungary (basic data, academic staff, thesis topics, by-laws, curriculum):

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Contact (regarding non scholarship holders' administrative issues)

Mrs. Renáta Daru-Dudás

Department of International Academic Affairs

Contact (regarding Stipendium Hungaricum administrative issues)

Department of International Academic Affairs

Contact (academic programme)

Oláh Anita