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2013. 05. 20.

Department of Urban Planning and Design organize English summer school on the Danube.

9 days travelling summer school - departing from and arriving in Budapest. EXPLORING and BLOGGING on 3 capital cities on the Danube - different scales of waterfront urbanization architecture and nature along the Danube. Travelling with our mediaBUS  - sleeping on boats and in hotels - eating like locals.

Basically it is supposed to be a special and dynamic educational opportunity but with plenty of activities and adventure along the way, where you can get acquainted with different urban and nevertheless rural settlements and environments along the Danube between Budapest and Vienna. Our destinations in-between are not only the well known spots, but also hidden ones where ordinary guide books won’t take you.
Our aim is to show you those with professional urban guidance from a different and inspiring perspective - as an everyday tourist would hardly experience. In order to achieve this we provide historical, sociological, economical and also architectural information by involving local specialists and experts.

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