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Professional Pilot Training at BME – The Next Chapter of a 100-Year-long Story

2024. 02. 05.

Applications for the new, self-financed BME Bachelor’s programme in Professional Pilot starting in September in English are open until 15 February.

Applications for the new, self-financed English-language programme starting in September are open until 15 February. More information on the course can be found at:

The course aims to equip graduates with the skills necessary to pursue careers as professional pilots as well as sub-engineers in various sectors of the aviation industry including flight planning, aircraft manufacturing, operation, testing, maintenance, repair, and recycling. Additionally, it aims to provide a solid foundation for students to further pursue their studies in Vehicle Engineering at the Master’s level.

BME’s connection to Hungarian aviation history

The BSc programme in Professional Pilot – slated to commence in September 2024 – traces its roots at BME back over a century.

From the 1922-23 academic year until 1934, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offered an elective course titled ‘Aircraft Theory and Mechanical Structure’, led by the distinguished aircraft designer Tibor Melczer. Then, in the 1933-34 academic year, BME students were introduced to the compulsory subject of ‘Aerotechnics’ for the first time.

In autumn 1920 at the Royal Joseph University, a pilot theory training course was launched with 50 students. Partly in protest against the Treaty of Trianon, the enthusiastic and open-minded students founded the BME Sport Aviation Club on 10 November 1921, with a mission to ‘foster the noblest sport of all, aviation, in this most distinguished bastion of technology’. This association emerged as a pivotal force in Hungarian aviation, aeronautics, and aircraft construction during the interwar period.

More recently, in 2017, a postgraduate Professional Pilot/Specialist programme was launched.


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