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Danube Cup is the winner of this year’s European Enterprise Promotion Award in Hungary

2024. 07. 04.
Danube Cup

The winner of the national round of this prestigious professional award is a series of competitions and a conference that started partly at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The European Enterprise Promotion Award in the category "Stimulating Entrepreneurship" was given to the winner of the project by the Minister for National Economy, Márton Nagy, on 2 July at a ceremony held in the Ministry.

The certificate was received on behalf of the two founding institutions of the Danube Cup by Pál Danyi, associate professor of the Department of Management and Business Economics at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), and János Vecsenyi, the honorary professor of the same department of BME and also the Corvinus University of Budapest (BCE). The lecturers and the general vice president of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ádám Balog, gave a presentation on the initiative, originally launched for entrepreneurial students at BME and BCE.

Danyi Pál

Pál Danyi said that the current recognition is also a positive confirmation that the programme, involving young people's active participation and mentoring, has a place and right to exist in the country and region's higher education programme. Pál Vecsenyi highlighted that understanding international markets is one of the keys to international success, and this award strengthens this approach. Ádám Balog emphasized that, in addition to the individual skills of the competitors, teamwork is an essential and future-proof competence, which this competition also reinforces.

The Danube Cup startup competition started in 2016 and received significant international interest within a short period: more Danube-side universities joined the series of competitions, which, along with the connected conference, grew itself into a professional network and a successful social enterprise.

The BME startup teams regularly perform effectively both in the local and international rounds of the competition. In May this year, the engineering team of BME called BidgeAID received the silver medal. Their self-developed, artificial intelligence-enhanced software can be used to assess the condition of bridges and to study the load on roads in the future.

(The international final and the team's success were reported by too - edit) 


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